1. Training communities in Livelihood improvement activities
  2. To equip youth and women with modern agricultural skills for improved production.
  3. To enhance the competitiveness and productivity of youth and women’s enterprises through skills development trainings
  4. To promote gender equity and women empowerment among communities
  5. To empower youth and women with appropriate health information for better decision making
  6. Advocate for gender sensitive bye-laws and policies from grassroots to national level. Mainstream gender into all UIE projects and activities.
  7. To increase literacy rates in the target communities.
  8. To promote public health and HIV/AIDS education
  9. To network with other organizations to provide public health and HIV/AIDS education among communities
  10. To sensitize communities on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education to communities.
  11. To Promote leadership programme in communities and schools
  12. To Provide sponsorship to disadvantaged children
  13. To Promote Tree planting and environmental education in schools and communities
  14. To equip communities with knowledge and skills to conserve the environment.
  15. To promote community Based Tourism
  16. To Carry out monitoring of Biodiversity
  17. To train communities in identification and behavior of biodiversity
  18. To Generate statistics which will be used in monitoring environmental concerns like climate change and also seek as a basis of monitoring.
  19. To strengthen the organization so as to enhance its capacity to fulfill its mission and vision