Our Background

Umbrella Initiative of Empowerment (UIE) is a nonprofit organization. It was founded in 2017 after a group of individuals from different political, social and professional backgrounds thought of a framework from which development challenges can be addressed from a multidimensional approach using different approaches.

UIE’s primary goal is empowering communities especially women through reduction of poverty and hunger, giving voice to the voiceless and environmental conservation in Uganda and beyond.

UIE Co-founding team

  1. Mr. Tumwine Bernard
  2. M/s. Kyampaire Rabecca
  3. M/s. Tusasirwe Joanita
  4. Mr. Agaba Isaac
  5. Mr. Taremwa Joshua

Vision & Mission

OUR VISION: “A world in which every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential, participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.”

OUR MISSION: To work with government, development partners and communities to Promote Community empowerment, Environment Conservation and gender equity in Uganda.

In pursuing this mission UIE strives to:

  1. Empower women to have a voice in society
  2. Pursue innovative solutions for poverty reduction
  3. Promote literacy
  4. Conserve the environment through using indigenous and globally accepted models
  5. Enhance knowledge of masses concerning poverty and its dimensions
  6. Advocate for policies favorable for poverty reduction oriented
  7. Network with partners to ensure information sharing and best tested practices in development spheres.