Umbrella Initiative For Empowerment

Umbrella Initiatives for  empowerment is not a profit organization seeks to training communities in Livelihood improvement activities, equip youth and women with modern agricultural skills for improved production, enhance the competitiveness and productivity of youth and women’s enterprises through skills development training and many other objectives Umbrella Initiatives for empowerment is committed to the positive transformation of communities through goal oriented projects based on community involvement and direction.  We believe that we must help others as a part of being community with the rest of society. This basic thought guides our work and how we interact with community groups. In the projects and work we always incorporate the community in the decision making process from the design to implementation and work as a partner in work and activities.

Core Values

Result oriented: We are passionate about results and show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do.
Professionalism: We strive to do our work with commitment, transparency, integrity and promote highest level of accountability to our stakeholders.
Partnership: UIE cherishes working with communities for sustainability of programmes and values their contributions. UIE also works with other partners in development to have a combined effort to address development challenges in totality.
Mutual Respect. At UIE we respect and value each other irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, race and any other differences.

Learning: UIE is a learning organization which cherishes constructive criticism that impact on our work. We cherish innovative solutions which match the current challenges.

women empowerment

HIV/AIDS education

Environmental Protection

Livelihood activities

What We Do